1. Invite your teammates

Click the profile icon at the top right and select Members. Here, you can send invitation emails to your teammates so they can join your organization.

Inviting Teammates

2. Setup your organization profile

Your organization profile will be used by our AI to match you with the most relevant opportunities and help you craft proposals with ease.

Organization Profile

To get it set up, click the menu icon on the top left and select the profile button. Here, you can input information about your organization such as a description, NAICS Code(s), PSC Code(s), and any relevant files.

Classification Codes

AI Files

Examples of good files to upload are capabilities statements, past responses to RFPs, and resumes.

When you upload any new files, you’ll get a loading wheel. You won’t be able to access those files until the loading wheel disappears. It can take 1-2 mins to index each file, based on the size.

3. Search for contracts and make a bid/no bid decision

Click the menu icon on the top left and select the search button. Select the Use Profile Filters button under the filters section to automatically add your organization profile info.

Search Results

Type in your query into the search bar and explore the results. Click on any of the search results in order to get more information about the opportunity. You can even press the Chat button in order to ask our AI questions about the contract.

Once you decide that you want to bid on the contract, click the Create Pursuit button. Create Pursuit

Click the Create Schedule button on the search results page in order to receive email notifications every time a new contract that matches your query gets released.

4. Ask Questions

Click the Ask AI chat button to open up Sweetspot AI’s Opportunity Chat. Opportunity Chat let’s you chat directly with opportunity documents, PDFs, and other materials. Ask AI

Opportunity Chat facilitates direct interaction with any opportunity, including the solicitation files provided by the buyer. This allows users to ask questions and receive contextual information from the content, streamlining the review and analysis process. Opportunity Chat

5. Manage the pursuit

Click the menu icon on the top left and select the pursuits button. Click the name of the pursuit you just added.

Here, you can manage all aspects of the pursuit such as creating and assigning tasks to teammates, viewing recent activity, viewing pursuit files, checking compliance items, and responding to the pursuit itself.

On the overview page, click the + button next to My Tasks to create your first task. Once finished, head over to the tasks tab to view the task card.

Click the arrow button at the top right of the card in order to view the full task info. You can use this section to comment on progress and collaborate with teammates throughout the pursuit’s lifecycle. As you work through each task, you can drag and drop the task card to update its status.

Manage Pursuits Manage Pursuits

6. Draft a response

Navigate to the documents tab on the pursuit manager. From here, create a new document just as you would on Microsoft Word or Google Docs. After creating the document, click into it to view the text editor.

This is where you can leverage Sweetspot’s AI powered features in order to respond to the RFx. Our AI looks at the pursuit documents and automatically generates a compliance matrix, so that you know exactly what to address in your proposal. Click the checklist icon on the righthand side of your screen in order to view the compliance items as you’re drafting the proposal. Our AI also ingests your organization profile that you filled out from Step 1 in order to help you generate responses to each section from the RFx, which you can also use on the right-hand side of your screen. Proposal Writer