Manage basic organization profile information with Profile. The documents, files, and information shared in profile helps optimize your search queries and ensure that you have a seemless expereince with all of Sweetspot’s AI powered search and proposal writing functionality.

Basic Information

Set up the basic details of your organization:

  • Name: Sweetspot
  • Description: Provide a brief description of your organization’s activities and goals. Sweetspot AI will use this across the entire Sweetspot platform to tailor your experience specifically to your organization’s needs.
  • Unique Entity ID (UEI): 1234567890AB
  • Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) Code: 12345

Contact Information

Keep your point of contact information current:

  • Name: John Doe
  • Email: johndoe@email.com
  • Address:
    • 123 Main Street
    • Floor 42
    • New York, NY 10001


Manage important classification codes:

  • NAICS Code(s): Enter the North American Industry Classification System codes your organization targets.
  • PSC Code(s): Enter the Product Service Codes related to your services.
  • Set Aside Code(s): Specify any small business set-aside designations.
Classification Codes

File Management

Organize your files efficiently:

  • Use the AI Files section to upload, categorize, and manage all files related to your organization. Sweetspot AI will index and use these files to tailor your Sweetspot experience.
  • Create folders such as Graphics, Past Performance, Whitepapers, and more to keep files organized. This can help Sweetspot AI identify where to look when generating content for a proposal.
  • The more you upload, the better Sweetspot AI will be able to help you find relevant opportunities and write compelling content for any opportunities you’re targeting.
The content provided within these files is private to your organization and will never, any under circumstance, be used to train models to help other organizations using the Sweetspot platform.
Any uploaded files will not be accessible until they have been indexed by Sweetspot AI, indicated by the loading wheel next to the file name.

Team Collaboration

Manage your team members:

  • Add new members and assign roles within the Members section.
  • There are two ways to invite members:
    1. Click on profile in the top right, once redirected, select members, then select + Invite member.
    2. Navigate to profile on the sidebar, select profile, select members, then invite members, once redirected, then select + Invite member.
Invite Members


Handle your subscription and payments:

  • Use the Billing section to view and manage your payment methods and invoices with Stripe.