Sweetspot leverages generative search in order to dynamically recommend you the most relevant contracts. Generative search is capable of interpreting keywords, acronyms, and specific phrases - ensuring that no opportunities slip through the cracks.

Fill out your organization profile to best take advantage of generative search.

Search Results

To perform a filter search:

  1. Select any filter.
  2. Leave the search bar empty and press Enter.
For example, if you want to find a list of all 8A contracts, select 8A as a filter under Set Aside Codes, leave the search box blank, and press Enter.

Advanced Filtering

You can leverage our set of filters along with generative search in order to narrow down the most ideal contract opportunities. For a more targeted search, use the advanced filters provided:

  • Active / Inactive Status
  • Posted Date / Due Date
  • Solicitation Number(s)
  • Buyer(s)
  • Notice Type(s)
  • NAICS Code(s)
  • PSC Code(s)
  • Set Aside Code(s)


  • Active Only: Check this to display only contracts currently open for bidding.
  • Inactive Only: Check this to view contracts that are no longer accepting bids.


  • Due Date: Select the due date(s) to narrow down contracts ending on specific date(s).
  • Posted Date: Choose the posted date(s) to find contracts announced on particular date(s).

Solicitation Number(s)

  • Enter the exact solicitation number if you have it to find a specific contract directly.


  • Search for contracts by entering the name of the government department or agency.

Notice Type(s)

  • Filter by the type of notice to refine your results (e.g., Solicitation, Sources Sought).

NAICS Code(s)

  • Enter in your NAICS code to filter opportunities based on your industry
    For more information on NAICS codes and to find the appropriate code for your business, visit the NAICS Code Lookup Directory

PSC Code(s)

  • Enter in your PSC code to align your search with the specific types of products or services you offer
    For more information on Product Service Codes (PSC) and to determine the relevant codes for you, check out the PSC Tool

Set Aside Code(s)

  • Select Set Asides to identify contracts that have been set aside for special categories of businesses

Using Filters

To apply filters:

  1. Select the desired filter(s) from the sidebar.
  2. The search results will automatically update to reflect the filters applied.
Combine multiple filters to refine your search results further. For example, use both the ‘Due Date’ and ‘Buyer’ filters to find contracts due soon from a specific government entity.

Removing Filters: To remove an applied filter, simply click on the ‘X’ next to the corresponding tag. This will immediately update the search results to exclude that filter.


For each contract in the search results, the following actions are available:

  • Create Pursuit: Click this button to start the process of pursuing an opportunity into an organized dashboard.
  • Chat: Use this feature to use AI to interactively chat with documents, information, and other material provided in displayed opportunities.
  • Schedules: This button allows you to stay informed about new opportunities for the existing search query. You will begin receiving emails containing the latest opportunities.