Prompting Guide

When using Sweetspot’s AI powered search, Chat with PDF, or AI proposal writing features, this guide walks you through best practices for successful product use.

Search Guide

  • Avoid acronyms when searching. While the search can often deconstruct these, it’s not infallible.
  • Detail is critical. The more detailed your query, the better the search results.
  • Filters are your friends for specific information. Presently, directly entering in your solicitation numbers or NAICS codes in the search bar will not yield the best results. The best way to filter for solicitation numbers, PSC codes, NAICS codes, buyers, or anything similar, use the built-in filter function and leave the search query blank.

Chat Interface

  • The Sweetspot AI is agentic, which means that it can choose the best tools to answer your questions based on the context it has gathered.
  • For the AI to perform a search, explicitly ask it to do so with “search”.
  • Specificity matters. For instance, “section L instructions” will produce better outcomes than just “section L”.

Using the Proposal Writer

  • Begin with the Outline Generator to create a structured outline for your proposal. You can also provide custom instructions as part of the outline generator.
  • Communicate your needs in detail. Instead of “write my proposal”, provide specifics such as “write my technical approach with win themes focusing on x and y”.
  • Use inline chat to insert text into your document and document chat for brainstorming or asking questions. Highlight and right-click text to interact with these features.
  • Segment your files correctly to ensure the AI can utilize the PursuitSearch, OrganizationSearch, and WebSearch effectively.
  • To search within your organization, prompt with: Search within my organization with ...
  • To search within the pursuit, prompt with: Search within my pursuit with ...
  • To combine both searches, prompt with: Search within the pursuit and organization ...
  • To use the internet for information, prompt with: Use the internet to lookup ...
  • You can also perform multihop queries such as: Use my pursuit files and also web search...

Tips for Effective Prompting

Tip 1: Clear and detailed prompts yield more accurate and helpful AI responses. Think of it as giving precise instructions to a highly skilled assistant.
Tip 2: Use the AI’s agentic capabilities to your advantage by guiding it with specific tasks and combining tools for comprehensive results.