Templates Section

The Templates section is designed to store and manage document templates. Template

How to Use the Templates Section

  • Adding a New Template: Click on the ‘Add Template’ button to start creating a new template. Fill in the necessary information and content for your template and save it. Add Template
  • Editing a Template: To edit an existing template, select it from the list. Use the built-in text editor, which supports formatting tools like bold, italic, underline, font size, headers, lists, and text alignment.
    Regularly update your templates to reflect any changes in your document standards or requirements.
    Edit Template
  • Managing Templates: Each template can be edited, deleted, or reviewed by clicking on the corresponding icons or menu options. Keep track of who created the template and when it was last modified for better document management.

Excerpts Section

The Excerpts section allows for the organization and storage of snippets of text for easy access and use.


How to Use the Excerpts Section

  • Adding a New Excerpt: By clicking on the ‘Add Excerpt’ button, a text field will appear. Here, users can enter the name and content of the new excerpt.

  • Editing an Excerpt: Select an excerpt to edit, and make changes in the provided dialog box. After completing the changes, save them to update the excerpt.

    Organize excerpts into categories for easier retrieval when working on documents.

Other Library Features

  • Search Function: Quickly find templates or excerpts using the search function. This can significantly speed up the document preparation process. Library Search

  • Bulk Actions: Users can delete multiple items at once by selecting them and clicking the ‘Delete’ button. This is useful for maintaining a clean and organized library.

  • Intuitive Interface: The user interface is designed for ease of use, with a navigation menu for quick access to different sections.

  • History and Navigation: Users have the ability to view the history of their actions or go back to previous pages. This can be helpful in tracking changes or revisiting earlier work.

    Make use of the history feature to track changes over time, which for auditing and reviewing document evolution.