Proposal Copilot

Proposal Copilot helps you respond to government opportunities.

Creating a Document

To start a new proposal document:

  1. Navigate to the Documents section within your pursuit workspace.
  2. Click on the + Create Document button to initiate a new document.
  3. Choose your starting point:
    • Blank Document: Begin with an empty canvas
    • Outline Builder: Use the AI to construct a dynamic outline based on your pursuit files PR Outline
    • Template: Select from a range of pre-defined templates tailored to your organization’s standards and requirements that you’ve uploaded in your library.

Managing Documents

Within Proposal Copilot, your documents are easily managed:

  • View: Access and read any document directly within the platform.
  • Edit: Seamlessly make changes to the content and structure of your documents.
  • Delete: Dispose of documents that are no longer necessary.

Using the Outline Builder

The Outline Builder is a powerful feature that assists in structuring your proposal:

  1. Generate a dynamic outline by selecting the Generate New Outline button.
  2. Customize the outline by adding, arranging, or removing sections. PR Sections
  3. Make content changes by manually creating/modifying instructions for what Sweetspot AI should generate. PR Section
  • Create your own custom outline from scratch by skipping Step 1 and only doing Steps 2 and 3.

Collaboration and Revision

  • Share: Invite team members to view or edit documents.
  • Comment: Leave notes and suggestions for colleagues.
  • Revision History: Track changes and revert to previous versions if needed.
  • Tasks: Tasks allow you to see the progress behind a proposal response and the different items that need to be completed. Tasks can be assigned to specific teammates.

In the documents tab, you can create tasks that are tagged to each document.
In the compliance matrix tab, you can create tasks that are tagged to each compliance item.
PR Matrix

Sweetspot AI Edit

Sweetspot AI edit allows users to input specific instructions, and generate, modify, or reorganize content accordingly with AI. PR AI

Internet Tool

The Internet Tool enables AI Edit to utilize online resources for content creation and editing.

Pursuit Tool

The Pursuit Tool grants access to files related to government contracts or opportunities.

Usage Examples:

  • Tailoring a proposal to meet the criteria outlined in a Request for Proposal (RFP).
  • Extracting key points from contract documents to be addressed in a submission.

Organization Tool

The Organization Tool allows users to leverage internal documents and resources uploaded to their organization’s repository.

  • Incorporating standard templates or boilerplates from the organization’s library.
  • Revising documents to align with internal best practices or guidelines.

How to Use AI Edit

  1. Highlight and right click on target text and click AI Edit button to open the Sweetspot AI edit tool.
  2. For prompting efficiency, pick the relevant tool for your task by clicking the square with the dot in the center at the bottom right (Internet, Pursuit, or Organization).
  3. Provide clear, concise instructions in the text box. Here are some examples:
    • “Write an introduction for a technical report using the latest industry standards.”
    • “Edit the following paragraph for clarity and conciseness.”
    • “Restructure the content to emphasize our project management process.”
  4. Press the enter key or click the arrow button to submit your instructions.
  5. Sweetspot AI will process your request and produce the desired output, which you can then review and incorporate into your document.

AI Interaction

AI edit allows you to actively interact with the content that is generated with Sweetspot AI. Once you prompt Sweetspot AI, you will be given the opportunity to either accept, reject, or follow up on the generated text.

  • Accept: Click the green checkmark icon, to accept content highlighted green directly into the document.
  • Reject: Click the red cross icon to keep the original content highlighted in red.
  • Follow Up: If you are not satisfied with the generated response or want to edit it, simply re-enter a prompt and a new response will be generated and hihglighted in green. PR Edit


Sweetspot Al will focus on and search over the selected items to find the best response to your question or instructions. This is particularly useful if you know exactly where a piece of content is located and want to prioritize it in Sweetspot Al’s output.

  • Files: Focuses on pursuit files that are included in the opportunity or uploaded by the user.
  • Current Document: Focuses on the material in the current document.
  • Internet: Leverages the internet as a resource for Sweetspot AI.
    By default, if nothing is selected, Sweetspot Al will search over all available items to generate a response, which may result it in longer wait times and less detailed results.
    PR Focus


Leverage shortcut keys in Sweetspot’s Proposal Copilot for rapid access to AI features.

Formatting Shortcuts

  • Cmd/Ctrl + B: Bold the selected text.
  • Cmd/Ctrl + I: Italicize the selected text.
  • Cmd/Ctrl + U: Underline the selected text.

AI Editor Shortcut

  • Cmd/Ctrl + K: Highlights text and opens up the AI Editor to act on the highlighted text.

Document Chat Shortcut

  • Cmd/Ctrl + L: Highlights text and opens up the document chat to ask questions about the highlighted text.